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January 7, 2013
by tgiadmin

Oregonian article reviews the Tollgate Inn

The Tollgate Inn was featured in yet another article by the Oregonian. Garry Frank describes in his article that frequent travelers to or from Mount Hood make it a ritual to stop at the popular Tollgate Inn for a hearty meal.

This is home-style cooking in a homey atmosphere complete with a big stone fireplace to warm your bones after a trek through the snow. It is a great place for Sunday breakfast any time of the year.

The entire article, which features other picks of Garry Frank can be found at read at

Tollgate Wagon

August 14, 2010
by alphabetix
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Tollgate Featured In Oregonian Article

Tollgate Inn was featured in an article by Oregon Live about great places to stop on your way up the mountain, or as their article states Where Oregon pioneers once were famished, the road is now paved with good eats.

Being a part of the Mt Hood Corridor is important to us, and we appreciate any and all recognition of being a destination restaurant.

Starting in Sandy at the quaint Tollgate Inn, which bears little resemblance to the crude tariff stops of the old Barlow highway, history is mixed into recipes with names such as Settler’s Sunrise Cake and stuffed into curio-filled shadowboxes on the restaurant walls.

The entire article, which features other yummy pioneer destinations can be read at

Barlow Trail Tollgate

January 10, 2010
by alphabetix

On Barlow’s Trail

The Bend Bulletin wrote a very charming piece about Sam Barlow, the great Oregonian who cut a toll road for pioneers heading over the Cascades into the Willamette valley.

The author, John Gottberg Anderson, writes about Barlow the man, and actually retraces some of the paths that the original Barlow trail followed.

The article is a great read, but our favorite part is the mention of the Tollgate Inn Restaurant, where the author enjoyed his lunch during his travels.

As he writes:

Tollgate Village, at the west end of downtown, is brightly painted in the false-fronted Western style typical of Sisters. The complex includes a family-style restaurant, a lounge and a gift shop that incorporates a bakery and espresso bar.

Restaurant & Saloon

Bakery & Gift Shop