Tollgate Inn Restaurant History

Tollgate Restaurant HistoryAfter having been the Mt Hood Fruit Market for 7 years, the Tollgate Inn Restaurant was opened in May of 1980. Having little restaurant experience, Mike Lesowski and Mike Lauderback, along with Mike’s brother Jim Lesowski, learned the hard way of what it takes to run a successful restaurant.

In 1981 Mike Lauderback left the restaurant to pursue other interests, which left Mike and Jim Lesowski to run and grow the business. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s Mike and Jim continued to refine the restaurant so it would best serve the needs of the community and their local clientele. During this time, Mike and Jim became the the new partners of Tollgate Inn.

In 1997 Mike Lesowski decided to retire and moved to Montana. At the same time another Lesowski brother, Ron, decided to retire from his career as a Data Processing Manager with Nike and join Jim as his new partner at Tollgate Inn.

The next few years were spent teaching Ron the restaurant business while Jim and Ron continued to refine the establishment.

In 2006, the restaurant went under a major renovation to enlarge the facility and increase handicap access.

Restaurant & Saloon

Bakery & Gift Shop

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